What kind of product is Bandel?
The silicon combined special ingredient "Bandel Powder" which makes full use of Japanese technology, is the only made-in-Japan product, enhances the physical potential to the maximum in various scenes such as sports, business and night scene, etc.
Is it water-proof?
You can take a shower, swim in a pool or sea while wearing it without a problem.
What should be the appropriate bracelet size?
Depending on which part of the body it is worn, a size which is not too tight and has little margin is recommended. Further, please be informed that return or replacement requests for the size change are not accepted.
How long does it take for the effects to be known?
We believe that you will actually feel the “Bandel Power" immediately after wearing it. You should feel the changes in your balancing ability, exercising capacity, recuperation and concentration power, etc.
What is the best way of wearing it to get optimum effects?
Regardless of where you wear it, Bandel power can be felt if it is within 1cm to the body. It is equally effective even when kept inside a pocket.